A healthy life is a happy life

Hameni puts wellbeing first by incorporating technology into their luxury homes in Dubai that encourage healthy living. Hameni is all about balance and harmony. Every details, from the very relaxing lobby as you get home, the surrounding lush landscaping, to the residences’ soothing natural palette of finishes is all about evoking a sense of peace and wellbeing


Tranquility is beneficial for both body and mind.

Research shows that environmental noise is not only detrimental to sleep, but also can lead to heart disease and digestion problems.

Hameni prevents stressful noise pollution by the management of ambient levels of sound and temperature, and reduction of electromagnetic fields have been implemented into the structure of the building.


The regulation of natural light helps us feel alert, boosts our immune system and vitamin D intake, and allows our brains to perform at their best.

Hameni's luxury homes in Dubai have floor to ceiling windows that allow natural light to flow throughout the building.


Clean drinking water is a basic prerequisite for a healthy body. Most household water supplies contain mineral, chemical and biological contaminants, some of which are harmful

A special filtration system has been installed throughout the Hameni building to ensure ultra clean drinking water for every residence.


Good air quality is one of the most important features of a healthy environment. Even small quantities of pollutants and particulates in the air can cause health problems

By the expulsion of airborne contaminants through ventilation, Hameni’s specialized air filtration system ensures the best air quality. To avoid toxic air, only low-VOC paint is used in Hameni homes


Sleep affects all aspects of human physiology, from memory, mood and energy levels, to hydration and metabolism. Increasing restorative sleep is the first step to a healthier lifestyle

Hameni's luxury homes in Dubai have interior spaces that are optimized with light emulation, melatonin-enhancing black-out shades, and stress management aids like aromatherapy oil throughout the building, all of which improve sleep patterns.


A balanced diet with sufficient antioxidants are integral for preventing diseases. Avoiding sugars and ‘bad’ fats (hydrogenated vegetable oils) is necessary in the prevention of excessive weight gain and weak immune systems

Hameni residents will be able to enjoy clean, allergen-free foods in what is planned to be one of the best organic restaurants in Dubai, which will serve up healthy and tasty meals catered to adults and children alike.